24" Chanukah Menorah for Home or Shul - Silver Aluminum

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  • Polished aluminum always stays shiny
  • Uses all standard oils/candles
  • 23.5"H x 18"W, 9" base
  • Special Paraffin Olive Oil Modules available


The HOME Menorah – Head and Shoulders Above the Rest.

The majestic HOME menorah in your home makes a bold statement. – “This is a home where spiritual values are held supreme, and where we are proud of our heritage!”

This gorgeous menorah is simple in design; yet its simplicity is part of its unique beauty. In short it is Simply Beautiful and Gorgeous!

Standing proudly at 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide, all other menorahs in the vicinity look up to it with envy. The carefully engineered cups contain cutouts to allow for use of standard ¾ inch candles, tea lights, several types of oil lamps, and works especially well with Pirsum’s 5hour and 7 hour disposable oil lamps. It weighs just over 6 pounds.

The Menorah comes in a foam cutout storage case and consists of 4 easily assembled parts. A base unit, 2 stem units, and the fully pre-assembled branch unit. Assembly is child’s play and takes just a few seconds. Simply screw the indicated stem section to the base; screw the other stem section to the Branch section; and then screw the two stem sections to each other . (Note that the Menorah can be assembled using just one stem section and it is also beautiful, and may fit better in some settings. Extra stem units can be purchased separately to increase the height. ) Instructions are included.

The HOME menorah’s color and shine resembles real silver, but it never tarnishes, never requires polishing, and the highly polished aluminum menorah always looks new and shiny even after many years of use. It is also far less expensive.

Customer Reviews

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Lee Cohen
Great Service

Delivery was in 2 days, very fast. Menorah is more beautiful than I expected

lawrence barris
Large menorah

Absolutely beautiful! Very easy to assemble and a wonderful piece.

Great Purchase

I was amazed by the easy to assemble instructions! It literally took me 1 min total! This menorah is the perfect look for any home! will def. refer others!

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