63" Extra Large Chanukah Menorah for Synagogue - Brass

  • $1,350.00

  • Accepts almost all kinds of candle & oil holders
  • Easy to assemble (wrench included)
  • Height 63", Width 31", Weight 32 lbs (Option for Adjustable height)
  • Special Paraffin Olive Oil Modules available

The elegant 63" tall Pirsum Menorah was designed to reinstate the spirit and message of Chanukah in the Synagogue, in a stately and grandiose fashion with a large Menorah. The specially engineered light cups were designed to accept virtually any oil/candle lighting system, but are especially geared for use with special Pirsum olive paraffin oil canisters. These low cost, discardable, zero maintenance modules, light almost instantly, exhibit a beautiful flame, and very clean operation and there is never a need to adjust or even touch the wicks or anything else. It can be lit and extinguished as often as desired. Pirsum Menorah can also be used in the home and adds a stately look to any living room, study or den. In addition to its use on Chanukah, it is an elegant conversation piece all year round. The Pirsum Menorah can also be used in any other indoor display application, such as in Banks, shopping malls, hotel lobbies and wherever it is desired that Chanukah is to be displayed. Special long lasting Pirsum battery operated flickering tea lights are available for this application.

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