Large Menorah Copper with Ingrained Brickwork Motif 36"

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  • Menorah stands proud at a height of 36 inches
  • The all metal menorah has the look of impressive bronze
  • Has an ingrained brickwork motif

This exquisite Menorah is unique, and quite different from anything we have seen! Only a few were built. This Menorah is ideal for those who are proud of their heritage, for all to see and admire, but at the same time want to retain a personal unique identity. The seven extended branches, of unique design, brings to mind the count of the branches of the original Menorah of the holy Temple of yore, but it is cleverly designed such that the seven branches support the traditional eight lights of Chanukah including a raised light in the center for the Shammes - lighter.

The Menorah stands proud at a height of 36 inches, and a maximum span of 24 inches. It has a large rectangular base footprint of 8 x 20 inches which provides great stability. The all metal menorah has the look of impressive bronze, and has an ingrained brickwork motif. It combines the traditional with the contemporary.

Assembly: following the included instructions, is quite simple and all hardware is included. There are three basic parts to the Menorah itself; the base, the stem and the Menorah top. The stem is attached to the base with two screws. The top is mounted above the stem by means of a support rod that is screwed into the top and it is long enough to protrude through the stem and the base where it is tightened with a nut, thus holding everything together. The nine candle cups screw into position on the top bar. A spanner wrench is included to tighten the screws and the nut.

The Menorah itself, fully assembled, weighs just under 26 lbs. When placed on a standard 30 inch table or counter top, outfitted with 12” candles, the lights will be some 78” from the floor (6.5 feet), for maximum exposure for all to see and enjoy. Although the Menorah can be disassembled easily, it is so pleasing to look at, that it could be left up all year. It is a perfect conversation piece that will bring many compliments and it will enhance any decor in the home, the workplace or the synagogue. Get yours now, while they are available.

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