Floral Motif Kiddush cup with Flare Out Top

Floral Motif Kiddush cup with Flare Out Top

  • $34.00

  • Stands 6.6 inches tall
  • Base measures 2 ½ inch
  • Holds 5 ounces of fluid
  • Solid feel weight of 7 oz.

This Kiddush cup stands taller than the others at 6.6 inches high with a 2 ½ inch base. The top is unique in that it flares out, a feature that many prefer for ease in drinking. It features a floral motif on the cup as well as on the base, perhaps evoking the peaceful aura of the Garden of Eden of which we are reminded on the Shabbat. Made of nickel plated polished brass, it exhibits an exquisite silver look on the outside with a complementing brass look on the inside. It has a good solid feel as it weighs 7 oz., and holds 5 ounces of fluid. The Kiddush cup will enhance your Shabbat table just by standing there, and it would also make a beautiful gift for your loved ones. Because of the overall floral design, engraving is not recommended. One such cup for every member at the Shabbat table would elicit royalty.


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