Majestic Kiddush Cup with Hammered Effect

  • $31.40

  • Stands 8 inches tall
  • Base measures 3 inch
  • Holds 14 ounces of fluid
  • Solid feel weight of 15 oz.
'Elijah' is the mother of all Kiddush cups. While most kiddush cups have a capacity around 14 oz, Elijah can hold a whopping 14 oz of wine or other beverage. It is also the heaviest brass Kiddush cup in the series, tipping the scales at 15 oz, just under 1 pound! It has a majestic look partly due to the artistic flair of the one piece stem and cup fabrication. The cup also has the hammered look built in. The height is only 8 inches, but it has a cup diameter of 3.8 inches, which wins the prize for diameters

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