Pair of Elegant Aluminum Shabbat Candle Holders in gift Box

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  • Candle holders are 8" tall and 4" wide at the base
  • Holder is very stable at 12 oz each
  • Comes in a luxurious blue velvet gift box

This pair of eye catching Shabbat Candle holders are a pleasure to behold. They look much taller than their actual 8 inch length and are extremely stable on the almost 4 inch base. Made of silver looking polished aluminum, they never need polishing, and they stay shiny forever. The upright stem of what appears to be multi-layered ‘donuts’ of varying diameters is actually an artistic solid one piece design with a maximum diameter of 1 inch at the center. There are 18 layers in the design, a number that is associated with “Chai” meaning ‘life.’ Some interpret the shape of the stem as resembling a palm tree with all its majesty, and to them, it brings the spiritual aura of the Holy Land into the Shabbat. Although designed for generic candle use, a ‘Pirsum’ adapter insert, available separately, allows it to be used with standard candles, Tea lights, as well as the recommended 7 hour Pirsum oil lamps for a stepped up, additional beautiful way to greet the Shabbat.



Each candle holder is very stable at 12 oz each. They come in a luxurious blue velvet gift box of dimensions 10 ½ inches square by 2 inches high. The stem is detached from the base in the gift box, and is simply assembled by screwing the stem into the base, in a few seconds.


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