Pirsum Judaica Torah Aliyah Plaques Set of 20

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  • Includes set of 20 plaques
  • Give new honor and meaning to being called to the Torah
  • Can be used in Aliyah auctions or otherwise distributed
  • These elegant Plaques are available in silver and gold finishes
  • Includes a compact storage zippered case
The Pirsum Torah plaques are used in many Shuls and synagogues to enhance the stature of the one receiving an Aliyah - being called to the Torah. This custom dates back to some of the great Shuls of Europe, and raises the appreciation and dignity of the one honored with an Aliyah. Many Shuls and Synagogues have revived this old custom which is greatly appreciated by the participants, and it enhances the dignity of the Torah reading part of the services. this is usually done in one of two scenarios:

  1. Auction of Aliyos. (Especially on Yom Tov days) before the Torah is taken from the Ark, the Gabbai or another designated individual announces that the Aliyos will now be sold to the highest bidder. The Aliyo is announced and the bidding begins. When the bidding stops, that individual has won the rights of taking the Aliyo for himself or giving it to another. He is awarded the corresponding plaque, which he either holds on to for himself or instructs the one giving it to him to rather bestow the honor to so and so who then receives the plaque. Then the next Aliyo is sold.
  2. (Mainly on Shabbos, if auction is not done). The Gabbai decides who will be getting the Aliyos to the Torah, and before the Torah is taken out, goes around the Shul distributing the plaques to the chosen ones. This gives a feeling of importance to the receivers, and alerts them to be ready for the particular Aliya clearly engraved on the plaque. When he gets an Aliya he then returns the plaque to the gabbai.
These plaques can also be a fund raiser by selling the honor of having the names of the donors, living or deceased, engraved on the reverse side.

There are 20 plaques in a set. The Aliyah is engraved in both Hebrew and English with an appropriate design.

The set includes:
Kohen Shishi Sefer Sheini Glilah 1
Levi Shvii Sefer Shlishi Glilah 2
Shlishi Acharon Hagbah 1 Glilah 3
Revii Maftir Hagbah 2 Kol haniarim
Chamishi Psicha Hagbah 3 Ato horaisa

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Ferentz

The metal card are really classy and replace the old paper cards we've been using. A great addition to our shul!

rochelle davis
Aliyot cards

Very attractive with good storage pouch

Martin Cohn

Good quality, came quickly.

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