NEW! Pirsum oil lamps are now under Hashgocho!

Posted by N Heinemann on

You will be happy to learn that Pisum disposable oil lamps, are now available
in local stores and proudly bear the prestigious Hashgochah of the Star K as
well as that of HoRav Aharon Tzvi Taub of Baltimore, MD.

Pirsum Judaica, the home of the elegant 6 foot SHUL MENORAH, and the recently introduced widely hailed 2 foot high HOME MENORAH, is also the home of the amazing Pirsum oil lamps which were designed specifically to fit into the menoros. These lamps are available in four different sizes and fit into the specially designed cups which allow the various sizes to fit exactly. The inspiring Menorahs, that never need polishing, advertise Pisum Haneis in a beautiful way, and the Pirsum state-of- the-art sealed oil lamps are their crowning glory.

The lamps became an immediate choice for year round Shabbos use by those who appreciate the beauty and elegance of lighting Shabbos and Chanukah lights in the cleanest, simplest, safest, quickest and most elegant way.

Can you relate to this? It is Friday afternoon, or a night of Chanukah and it became late, as unplanned issues came up. You are suddenly saddled with the hassle of finding and preparing all the lighting requirements quickly, not to mention the attendant drippings and mess of preparing the lights or candles.
Couple this with the frustration that often the wicks don’t light as quickly and sometimes don‘t burn as nicely as you would like. This can quickly wear on your nerves, and could possibly compromise your temperament at that special time when Kedushah descends on your home. Does it sometimes happen that the beauty and serenity of Shabbos or Chanukah are not what you would like it be?

Pirsum oil lamps to the rescue. No matter the time, take a Pirsum lamp from the box. Easily remove the user friendly protective seal cap and you are ready. The wicks lights immediately and they always yield a consistent, beautiful and serene flame for hours.

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