Menorah with Unique Harp Shape Design, Reversible

Menorah with Unique Harp Shape Design, Reversible

  • $42.00

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  • 7.5 inches tall
  • 9.5 inches wide
  • Uses standard Chanukah candles


This beautiful Menorah with unique harp shape design is reversible. Just 7.8 inches high and a little over 9 inches wide, it has a solid feel with a weight of about 23 ounces and a stable base measuring 3 inches. It uses standard Chanukah candles which are available separately.


Although it is relatively small, this Menorah is very elegant, and is suitable for use by artistic appreciates of all ages. It never needs polishing. It also makes a meaningful gift for you to give to your loved ones for the Chanukah holidays, for which you will receive much appreciation and many compliments.

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